Sr. Software Engineer, DevEx (Phoenix/NYC/London)

  • Kunai
  • Hybrid remote in Phoenix, AZ
  • 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Job Description

Kunai is a fast-growing digital agency of 120+ people specializing in fintech. Our fully remote team is driven by innovation and experimentation. Over the past decade, we've shipped over 150 products for clients that include Visa, the United Nations, Wells Fargo, Ernst & Young, and TOMS Shoes. Our founders built a previous agency (Monsoon) that was acquired by Capital One in 2015.

High Level Description:
Seeking Seasoned Software Engineers excited to improve the experience of fellow engineers and to work on an Internal Development Platform for a Global company. This team is in charge of designing and implementing new interfaces in which engineers can use to write and deploy code more efficiently. The role requires flexibility in learning new languages and tools quickly (with experience in multiple languages to start), documentation best practices, and proven testing strategies. Candidates will need to bring new ideas to the table, test, implement, document, communicate technical nuances cross-functionally, and be effective leaders. Experience with highly-regulated environments is a plus. Experience with Azure, AWS, and/or GCP is required.

In this role, you will address a range of challenges, including:
Defining the optimal developer experience for the company's forthcoming applications. Efficiently provisioning infrastructure and deploying software for numerous apps simultaneously creating and managing global services that distribute computation and data across diverse data centers worldwide.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will undertake the following responsibilities:
Taking charge of intricate technical endeavors within the engineering team, guiding colleagues in planning and executing their tasks. Playing a hands-on role in designing and coding our software systems, setting a standard for exemplary software development. Constructing systems that prioritize security, dependability, scalability, and expansibility. Guiding and mentoring junior team members, actively participating in projects to foster their skill growth. Assuming accountability for the software's extensibility, security, scalability, and reliability, ensuring alignment with SLAsPlaying a pivotal role in facilitating informed technical decision-making within the team and leading discussions on technical matters with other engineering groups.

Minimum 5+ years of experience as a software engineer using Go, Java, or Javascript & React. Bonus if you have experience with Kotlin, TypeScript and/or Python.
Minimum 2+ years of Kubernetes experience.
Minimum 1+ year of experience with the following: GraphQL, gRPC, Kafka, Postgres, Couchbase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Redis, OpenTracing, Jaeger, Prometheus, and Grafana.
Experience with AWS, Azure, and GCP - Bonus if you know all 3.
You possess experience in "DevOps" tasks, including the creation of CI/CD pipelines or the establishment of cloud hosting environments.
You've demonstrated a commitment to aiding junior engineers and peers in their professional advancement.
Your track record showcases your senior-level contributions in implementing intricate software projects across diverse business and technological landscapes.
Your aspirations encompass growing into a Staff, Principal Engineer, or even a Distinguished Engineer role in the future.
You hold substantial expertise in crafting sophisticated systems that wield significant business influence.
You're adept at collecting and amalgamating user feedback and insights to enhance your software's user experience.
You excel at delivering and receiving constructive feedback from colleagues, team members, and superiors.
You thrive in situations where problems lack precise definitions, and you can effectively identify high-impact areas to channel your efforts and attain tangible outcomes.
Your experience includes consistent documentation practices as an integral part of your workflow.
You exhibit adaptability in swiftly acquiring new languages and tools, showcasing your versatility.
You derive satisfaction from collaborative problem-solving with peers, especially when confronted with challenging issues that demand your skill set.
Compensation will vary between years of experience and location.